The Division – Not Going to Have Microtransactions

When the gaming world is now scourged with microtransactions for players to get a quick edge over their enemies, The Division won’t be having any of that says Ubisoft. In fact, just say the word “microtransaction” in front of any gamer and you would let out an audible groan. However, the opposite can be said when being heard from many videogame developers. Such transactions, albeit a lot of them are cheap to come by, may provide an unfair advantage for gamers that have spent rigorous hours in getting the items, skills, abilities, and experience from the game. Those who don’t mind spending a bit of cash can get the items on the aforementioned list as easily as just waving around their credit cards. Perhaps this is the reason why Ubisoft did not want any of these in one of their latest titles.

The Division - Not Going to Have Microtransactions

The Division Will Not Have Any Mictrotransactions as Told by Ubisoft

In a recent Twitter tweet by Ubisoft’s community manager, he said that The Division won’t be having any microtransactions. However, it left gamers into wondering what the company’s definition of the word really is.

In the tweet, Natchai Stappers, said community manager from Ubisoft, stated that the game won’t be having any microtransactions and definitely no P2W. P2W is an abbreviation of the phrase “Pay to Win.” These refers to such items that players would have to buy inside videogames that will give them exclusive access to the in-game Item Shop for weapons, skills, or a faster way to level up.

Why is his tweet so confusing? Because when players refer to the term microtransactions, these include anything that refer to paying for additional in-game content. Furthermore, these transactions may not even involve getting an immediate upper-hand in a battle as they might just be for either boosting your character’s fashion sense or extra content for added replayability.

Ubisoft has already confirmed that the vanity items within Tom Clancy’s: The Division will still arrive in the form of DLCs or downloadable contents. Therefore, players are still able to purchase weapon skins, emotes, and outfits among other things that don’t affect gameplay other than making their characters stand out more.

Therefore, even though the company’s definition of the term microtransactions seem to be a bit vague, The Division means that the developer does not plan on offering any items or boosts that would qualify as “pay to win.” Therefore, gamers still get a level playing field which is good news considering that this is the reason why Assassin’s Creed: Unity was not liked upon by many because of its many microtransactions.


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