WhatsApp – Support for BlackBerry and Older Nokia Devices Stops, But That Isn’t Such a Big Deal

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp stated that they will be ending their support for BlackBerry along with several legacy devices, especially those coming from Nokia, by 2017. This is a move that will most undoubtedly make it much harder for BlackBerry and older Nokia device owners to continue holding onto the mobile devices.

WhatsApp - Support for BlackBerry and Older Nokia Devices Stops, But That Isn't Such a Big Deal

WhatsApp to End Support for BB and Older Nokia Devices by 2017

In a recent blog post by the popular chatting app, WhatsApp clarified the move. The reason why they are doing this is because it have already addressed their past and only looks toward the future of their messaging platform. Speaking of platforms, the operating systems that will no longer be supported are BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10), Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.2, Android 2.1, and the Windows Phone 7.1 operating systems.

Other than BlackBerry 10, all of the aforementioned mobile operating systems are already very old. Also, seeing this list it implies that the WhatsApp app will still be able to work properly on all Android version other than Android 2.1 and 2.2. Hence, it will still work on Honeycomb (3.0), Jellybean, and KitKat. The app will also be supported in earlier Windows mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 8.

Although it has been stated that the team behind the app will only look toward the future because they have made such a move, there is also another prime reason why this is happening. It is because older operating systems simply do not have the capability to support future developments surrounding the famous messaging app.

This particular chatting app has just recently breached the 1 billion mark just this February 2016. It is by far the most popular messaging app on the entire Earth. While users of older mobile platforms will no doubt be affected, the percentage of users that are using such devices only account for a very little portion of the entire graph. There are even many of which that have already stopped being active for many years now.

Therefore, if you’re still hanging onto these older devices, are still active on WhatsApp, and you wish to continue with the app’s services for whatever particular reason, then said app will still most likely continue to operate. However, it should be noted that there will no longer be any updates come 2017. The only safe path that you might want to take should you want to continue with the service is to upgrade your phone that has a more up-to-date operating system.


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