Pebble – Time and Time Round Get Price Cuts

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a Pebble Time or Time Round for a while, then now is the time to take that plunge. The maker of these smartwatches have just recently announced about a price cut that will happen for both wearable devices. The amount in question is the same for both units, and should provide a significant sales boost for the company.

Pebble - Time and Time Round Get Price Cuts

The Pebble Time and Time Round Have Now Lowered Prices

The reason for the price cuts is due to Pebble celebrating the success of their recently launched Health feature. With this functionality, it tracks your daily activities and your sleeping habits. Furthermore, it can also offer fitness advice and goals.

In the company’s blog post, they have stated, “Consistently improving the Pebble experience over time is what makes us tick.” They have also added the following statement: “Our unique approach to technology comes to life with every new feature, update, and delighted user. Driven by the pursuit of awesome, we work 24-7 to keep the Pebble community happy, healthy, and growing.”

Looking back at the Pebble Time, it is a highly-recommendable smartwatch and it would receive positive reviews from many people. It has a long battery life, a voice-to-text functionality that does pretty well, an always-on color display, near-instantaneous notifications, a wide array of app selections, and the ability to sync with either Android or iOS phones. Anyone looking for a solid choice for wanting to purchase a smartwatch should place the Time in one of the top spots of their wish list. Some might even want to purchase it right now because of the recent price cut.

What the Time Round has that the Time fell short by just a teensy bit is with regards to its design. Simply put, the Time Round is a very attractive smartwatch, and it can even go against the Huawei Watch head-to-head in terms of looks alone. However, this more beautiful watch had a lackluster battery life and has a higher price than the Time. Now, the price is no longer much of an issue with the recent price cut.

Even though the Time Round had some compatibility issues with some apps and also with some watch faces found in the previous Pebbles, it still garners a good rating from many. Furthermore, it still boasts good looks, a user-friendly interface, and a comfy leather wristband.

Those who are looking to get good-looking smartwatches may want to grab a Pebble Time or a Time Round as both wearable tech now have lowered prices. Both units are capable of delivering above-average smartwatch experience, which adds to the value for the price that you have to pay to get them.


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