The Xiaomi 60-Inch 4k Mi TV 3 – The Giant Ultra-HD TV That Doesn’t Take Too Much Space

The Chinese tech giant has made the Mi TV 3 with the premise of “thinking outside the box,” and perhaps they have taken that notion too literally. This is because when you slide the massive 60-inch TV to its side, you will get a thickness unlike most of the other TV sets in the market. Why? Because it is incredibly thin.

The Xiaomi 60-Inch 4k Mi TV 3 - The Giant Ultra-HD TV That Doesn't Take Too Much Space

The Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Takes Its Hardware Out

The Mi TV 3 is now revolutionizing, and perhaps even reinventing the trends found in modern day television sets. Many have already traded in their cable and satellite boxes for devices that have online streaming options. The days of having to patiently wait for your favorite shows, and would become utterly devastated if they missed an episode, are long gone. Now, with online options such as Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV, you can now watch your favorite shows practically any time you want and never miss a single episode. With the inclusion of Xiaomi’s new giant 60-inch 4K television, the company aims to bring the convenience of watching all your favorite shows in luscious 4K resolution.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 3 is a smart TV, meaning there is no need for extra peripherals for viewers to watch online content. However, there is a disadvantage to this and that is that the “smart” internals can become obsolete rather quickly due to the rapid changes found in technological standards. For a person who wants to keep owning the latest trends in Television, this may defeat the purpose of having a smart TV as there may soon be an update to a recently released model. However, the Chinese tech company already foresaw this and brought the evolution of smart TV to their newest technological contender.

Let’s take a quick look at what the 60-inch 4K TV can offer. First, well, it has the ability to let viewers watch their favorite shows in 4K resolution (hence the description of the device). Xiaomi’s 4K TV has a high color saturation of more than 85-percent. It utilizes 6M60 professional image processing chip that comes with MEMC motion compensation, an 8ms response time, a 60Hz refresh rate, and 1200:1 contrast ratio. These all come with a thickness of 11.6-millimeters (at its thinnest point).

Instead of beefing up the hardware inside the Mi TV 3, Xiaomi elected to remove its internals and place it inside a sound bar called the Mi TV Bar. The sound bar can also be virtually used by any TV, display, or projector, and turn them all into a smart TV. That feature alone is enough to let anyone immediately reach out for their wallets to purchase this TV set.


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