Tesla – Hacker Discovers P100D Plans to Increase Range

In a recent hacking attempt that seems to have gone successful, information about the next iteration of the Model S from Tesla has been seen, and this has yet to be announced to the world. This is the more powerful version that delivers a 100-kilowatt-hour battery.

Tesla - Hacker Discovers P100D Plans to Increase Range

New Information About Model S From Tesla Revealed After Hacking

At the time of writing, the most advanced variant of the Model S from Tesla that you can get today comes with a 90kWh battery which can grant a range of about 290-miles. This larger battery means that it would extend the range even further. Speculations are seen that it can even reach 300-miles on a single full-charge. Other rumors are seen that it could even give the car greater performance outputs.

Jason Hughes, the hacker who unearthed the evidence of the new car, has found a mysterious “P100D” which was found deep beneath the software that runs Tesla’s cars. Considering that the name for the top-of-the-line model is called P90D (wherein the 90 is linked to the information pertaining to the battery capacity), Hughes, along with other enthusiasts about the car brand, are delighted to know that the P100D would improve on the existing batteries by 10kWh.

There are numerous owners of the P90D, along with other automobiles coming from the company, that report getting 3-miles per kWh. Therefore, the extra 10kWh could add as many as 30-miles to the range on the upcoming Model S. This is, of course, depends on how you drive.

The upcoming P100D would be a performance automobile, which means that drivers might take a hit with regards to the fuel economy aspect. In comparison, the Model S was marketed as a simple 100D, which means that it has better fuel economy than the upcoming vehicle. Nonetheless, the additional 10kWh is a significant upgrade to the last battery.

Hughes even tweeted the results for his latest hacking attempt stating “@elonmush @teslamotors #tesla I know your secret.” After the notification, Hughes’ car then tried to download a software update, possibly to retaliate against the recent attack. However, the hacker was quick to respond as the downgrade was not made possible. Elon Musk then proclaimed that they have disavowed the move prior to commending Jason Hughes for his hacking actions.

It is expected that Tesla will be unveiling a low-cost electric sedan, which is the Model 3, later within the month. As for the Model S, we would just have to wait for the official word from the company if the reports with regards to the hack really do fit the bill.


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