Nvidia – Latest Drivers Can Crash Your PC

Just recently, Nvidia released version 364.47 of their graphics driver which is an update to improve performance fixes and tweaks to accommodate the latest games. This would then assist in PC gamers with playing titles such as NFS, Hitman, and even The Division. However, reports have come in soon after the driver update has been released that the latest upgrade can cause PCs to stop responding. It would then throw the very notorious blue-screen-of-death along with other issues.

Nvidia - Latest Drivers Can Crash Your PC

The New Nvidia Driver Update Causes Multiple Problems to Computers

This problem pertaining to the Nvidia update was first seen on Reddit within the sub-Reddit /r/Nvidia. Within, many users already claim that the issues with their PCs started happening once they have downloaded and upgraded to the latest driver. Said issues would range from the blue-screen suddenly appearing, or even to as drastic as PCs failing to boot altogether. Many users would then opt to do an emergency system restore under safe mode just to uninstall the drivers.

At the time of writing, the Nvidia update has not yet been pulled out from the company’s website. However, they have already acknowledged about the problem that multiple users are having. The company suggests that you can do a clean install of the driver rather than doing an express installation. There are reports found on Reddit that seem to back up this claim. For those that want to know how to do a clean install of the driver, just hit the custom install option during the installation process then just ticking the “clean install” from the list to proceed further.

However, if you have already installed the driver and have not yet undergone a clean install, then your PC might be experiencing the aforementioned problems at this moment. You will then have to boot your PC in safe mode and uninstall the driver software. Once you do, just download the previous version of the driver from the company’s website and you may opt to do a clean install of the new driver afterwards.

You can also do a system restore on your PC via safe mode should you want to take this route for uninstalling the driver update for your Nvidia graphics card. This is also assuming that the feature is enabled in the first place. But if you want to uninstall the driver in safe mode instead, to do that just go to “Device Manager,” click on “Display Adapters,” then double-click on the graphics card. Select the driver tab afterwards then hit “Roll Back Driver.”


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