Mercedes – The E-Class is the Game Changer

It is not surprising that you will hear rallying cries whenever a car manufacturer introduces a new model, and that notion can be said the same for Mercedes. The company calls out to the BMW 5-series and the Audi A4 to “watch out” as their new E-class is claimed to change the way the game is played. With this announcement, it would seem that the gentleman gloves are off. Gone are the days about accepting others’ superiority in terms of several aspects such as driving dynamics and design. We now enter into a more brutally frank battle between car manufacturers.

Mercedes - The E-Class is the Game Changer

Mercedes is Calling Out BMW and Audi

In the case of Mercedes, it is no longer a topic of purchasing a basic setup then having to pay extra for certain options. However, it would seem that the choice still remains but that would mean that the “basic setup” has a lot more on offer. Therefore, the standard offering will already be strategically equipped to meet the tastes for a wider selection of people. Hence, the E-Class will be packing more equipment and the Avantgarde trim will now become the  starting point.

The car manufacturer claims that there are more equipment now than with the old one, but the overall cost for the equipment is lesser as compared to the previous model. Even though the Avantgarde trim for the Mercedes E-Class is now the “basic model,” there are two others that offer even more which are the Exclusive trim and AMG variant.

It should be noted that the AMG line is not AMG performance. Instead, it is the more decorative variant. For its exteriors, it transforms the front with an effective air-flow/grille look. As for the cabin, it gets a different set of leather seats, dashboard, AMG mats, and steering wheel trims among others. This extra “design package” does cost more than the standard model, but there is cheaper AMG kit alternative which lets the car have an Avantgarde interior while still having the AMG trim exterior.

It is fair to say that Mercedes has struggled with regards to identity for quite a while, especially when talking about the E-Class. The car is comfortable, roomy, and big. However, it has trouble in delivering an overall appeal. With the newer models, this notion has been changed. There are even evidences that it borrows some elements from the larger S-Class as well as the smaller (yet smarter) C-Class, especially when looking at its front.


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