Super Arc Light Review – Laser Focused Gameplay

Super Arc Light is a minimalist high-score shooter that takes positive hints from Super Hexagon. It is a game with quite the amount of issues but will scratch a player’s one-handed pick-up-and-play itch quite well.

Super Arc Light Review - Laser Focused Gameplay

Super Arc Light is a Minimalist’s Dream

The player’s goal in Super Arc Light is simple, the player just need to blast everything that is opposing him, with foes lining up in numerous formations around the player. The ship will automatically move in one direction, and power ups will be dropped over time to let the player hit the enemies more efficiently, as over time the formations will get even trickier to defeat. The main objective of the game is for the player to just defeat his own high score, but the more the game is played, the more he can unlock new and more powerful weapons to defeat the enemies.

The game might only be for a few minutes, but that also means that it can be played whenever the player has free time without getting worried of being absorbed into something at a moment’s notice.

For the controls, your ship in Super Arc Light goes in one direction automatically, and when the player taps and holds, it will go slower and will start firing. When it is released, it will start going the opposite way. The game has that minimalist style going for it, and it’s a nice, crisp look, but it is too minimal, and perhaps a more complexity to the enemies, more visual effects, and animation will make the game even livelier.

The game does not force the player to react to situations, or learn to recognize the situations at fast pace. Learning how to best counter the formations is not enough to compensate for the flaws of the game, as there are many formations that can be defeated just by sitting back and firing, and waiting for the enemies to run into the bullets.

Once the player gets 30,000 points and above, the action begins to give a little bit more of a challenge, but the high scores feel formless. The player may have an idea of how long he is in at the game but he cannot be sure of his score.

Super Arc Light is a game that has some key inadequacies, but nothing too disapproving. The difficulty might be more to the taste of other players, and the qualm about the visuals and animation might not bother them. In some instances, there may be a handful of little things that would bother the player throughout the game, but even though it is imperfect, it is also fun and cheap for only $0.99 so it is definitely worth trying.


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