Hectic Space 2 Review – Bullet Hell

Hectic Space 2 really provides more of what enthusiasts enjoyed in the previous version, but anyone can just get this one up and does not feel like they missed anything. The action is controlled by a sliding a finger at the left side of the screen to move up or down, and tapping the right side of the screen to trigger a power-up. The player will have to aim the shots, or the standard shot might automatically scatter in the screen. Moving the ship is responsive and fast, and it is useful for when a lot of enemies appear and tries to blast the player’s ship into extinction. It might felt weird because it cannot be move from left to right but the player can get used to it after a short time playing.

Hectic Space 2 Review - Bullet Hell

Ready for Some Old-School Retro Bullet-Evading Fun? Try Hectic Space 2.

Power-ups in Hectic Space 2 instantly change the directory of the laser to make things more interesting, just like in Contra. It may become accustomed to a wave pattern, or trigger the lowest shot to pursue enemies like a homing missile. It really gives very astounding fights, especially when the bosses fill the whole screen with bullets. It may not be the toughest shooter game on the block, but it will test the player’s determination on a constant basis, especially when the player decides for the hardcore game type.

Telling bullets apart from one another is easy in this second installment to Hectic Space, the old school retro art style is gentle on the eyes and also endearing. The same goes for the electric soundtrack and music sound effects. There’s quite a bit of content to check through, including a full arcade story mode, hardcore, and a boss rush, which unlocks after acquiring rank 13. Whereas arcade is straight-forward, the hardcore mode gives the players less heart to work with, and basically it extends to a traditional hard mode.

The game is free, but if you want for more, it is there. The player can buy more hearts and continues if he wants to for $0.99 each, which basically aggregates to cheat code. The said unlocks are permanent and grants the player two hearts at the start of every game, or one more continue, depending on what he purchased.

The Hardcore mode is basically cheapened, and it is not really necessary, in addition to this, the players can unlock new upgrades by just playing and leveling up, which not only includes the previously mentioned bonuses, but new power-ups as well. The player can also continue after death by watching ads. In other words, the game is fairly versatile and the player does not need to spend money just to continue enjoying it.

Hectic Space 2 is a rare game that may seem like it does not aggregate too much, but it actually gives up a shooting experience with the same feeling as many other great games. This is a must try for those who are looking for an old-school gaming experience.


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