Jays u-Jays Review – Versatility With the Right Kind of Kick

The Jays u-Jays are headphones that are placed in the higher-end of the market. They do cost more than just your average headphones, and they are even placed at a higher price points than the likes of Beats or Sennheiser. However, its aim is to provide better sound quality than most others. As a matter of fact, the desire for optimal audio quality is closer to that of the company’s full-sized pairs.

Jays u-Jays Review - Versatility With the Right Kind of Kick

Jays u-Jays Presents a Quality Placed at the Higher-End of the Market

For the most part, the Jays u-Jays is successful in what it is trying to achieve. It comes with great bass control than many other on-ear rivals. However, it does have the common issue for many on-ear headphones and that is with regards to comfort.

But before we get into that, let’s dive in first to its design and features. Overall, they aim to look good, and they do. They are more “grown-up looking” than the Beats Solo 2. Furthermore, they are cooler-looking than that of the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear. The Jays u-Jays Headphones have that distinct “Designed in Sweden” look.

It’s frame is made out of stainless steel and it is designed with smart-looking curves that appear to do very well in order to justify the large heft in its price tag. There are some parts that are clearly made to be more functional than fashionable, however.

It uses synthetic leathers for the cup coverings and the headband has a rubbery padding. This kind of design and material choice is typical for numerous streetwear headphones as they ensure that they remain on your head, even while you’re wearing them whilst jogging.

While its rivals, such as the Beats Solo 2.0 and the Sennheiser Momentum On-ear, do feel less comfortable during the first few times that you wear them, but these actually hold up towards the idea of long audio listening sessions. Well, that is far better than the u-Jays anyway; why? Because the u-Jays are not recommended for people who regularly wear glasses. You would be better off with units that offer a looser grip on your head or one that has better pressure distribution.

But for those who want to know what it sounds like, the Jays u-Jays excel in keeping the discipline wherein many other streetwear headphones fail to do, and that is to have a taut bass. It has the punch. It has the power. However, these don’t overpower the other areas of the sound spectrum. Therefore, it doesn’t infect higher frequencies which would otherwise make the overall sound to be cluttered.


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