Circa Infinity Review – Run Around

If you’ve ever felt that you’ve been running around in circles for hours, and doing the same thing over and over, then that’s what you’re going to do in Circa Infinity. In this iOS game, you will take control of a character who could very well be the stick-man’s long lost brother. Its only controls are run left, right, and the jump. But because of this utter simplicity, this game can become highly addictive.

Circa Infinity Review - Run Around

Circa Infinity Presents a Simple, Yet Highly Addictive Gameplay

In Circa Infinity, initially you would run around the edge of your first circle. It would then require you a trivial pursuit style of handling your jumps. While you’re inside the circle, the controls will stay the same while your goal it to jump into another circle which is rotating in the middle when it comes into range.

You will have to do this every time throughout the many stages of Circa Infinity (iOS). While it seems like a no-brainer (which it is), its overly simplistic approach is what makes this game thoroughly addicting.

Even though there’s no bonus for completing stages in record time, this is a mobile game that is designed to make use of pure instinct. You will have to make your character dart around between each circle, and it can test your patience a lot. But if you cast yourself into your foe, the game will just place you outside the edge of the circle where you died in. Meaning, dying does not come in the form of losing a life in Super Mario Bros. back in the glory days of the NES wherein it will propel you back to the very first part of the level. Here, it just gratifyingly annoys you by placing you in the same circle until you can jump into the next sphere.

Reading about what to do can make you think that this game is pretty easy, when in reality it is not. Balance and timing here is very difficult to master. Kenny Sun, developer of the game, deserves all the praise for creating a game that is a cross between a person’s natural instinct and quick reaction times.

But even though Circa Infinity holds a lot of promise, it is far from being the best mobile game out there. After all, you are going to try and achieve the same objective stage after stage. Hence, eventually it will become too repetitive.


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