Steve Jobs – How One Tribute to the Late Apple Founder Sparked One Designer’s Career

It was not only Apple fans that felt such a huge loss back in 2011 when founder Steve Jobs lost his life as his body could no longer fight the cancer living inside of him. Now that the fifth anniversary of his passing is fast approaching, there are designers that are taking into their various chosen forms of media to create tributes for the late founder. One Tumblr bio of a Hong Kong graphic artist that goes by the name of Jonathan Mak Long reads the following: “I try to do good work, and the world agrees on occasion.” One such occasion was the death of the Apple founder as within hours of the news, the Hong Kong designer created an image of a then-teenaged college student of a silhouetted jobs placed where the bite of the Apple logo is situated.

Steve Jobs - How One Tribute to the Late Apple Founder Sparked One Designer's Career

A Tribute to the Late Steve Jobs Sparked the Ideas Flowing Inside One Graphic Designer

The design that Jonathan Mak Long created was a simple black-and-white image of Steve Jobs and the Apple logo. Since he posted that photo, it quickly went viral even though the image was uploaded two months after the death of the founder of Apple. Fans and many others would repost the image as a way to express their feelings of sorrow and gratitude.

Mak, now (at the time of writing) at the age of 24, had told the Cult of Mac the following: “A lot of people emailed me about the tribute, sharing their personal stories with me. Going through the interviews was a very unique and interesting experience, but hearing from the Apple users was what really made me appreciate how much Steve Jobs had touched people’s lives.”

Even though the image did went viral two months after the passing of Steve Jobs, it was not the first time Mak posted the image. The first time was when he posted it shortly after the founder of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant announced his resignation. It did not generate much buzz at that time, however.

But the image did not only became viral to the likes of digital media as that tribute to Steve Jobs then found its way into other forms as well. There were T-shirts, iPhone cases, and even tattoos. There was even a brief controversy when a British artist accused Mak of copying his work. The Hong Kong graphic designer did insist that he never saw the artist’s work and arrived at the thought and process of the design all on his own. However, Mak did acknowledge that he may not have been the first to arrive at the idea. Still, it was his online research while creating the logo that did not turn up to be a copy of the British artist’s work.


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