Google – Allo and Duo Messaging Apps Coming to iOS, But Aren’t There Too Many Messaging Apps Already?

There are many big names within the tech industry, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and of course, Google. They are placing their efforts into various ecosystems, and one of those is the mobile platform. Each of these players are putting their thinking caps on in order to try and best each other with newer and greater technologies. But there are times wherein what they think might not always be what everyone will be raving about. Such is the scenario for one of the search engine giant’s more recent announcements, specifically from their annual I/O conference as they stated new offering such as new messaging apps called Allo and Duo.

Google - Allo and Duo Messaging Apps Coming to iOS, But Aren't There Too Many Messaging Apps Already?

New Messaging Apps From Google Coming to the iOS Ecosystem

With regards to the new messaging apps from Google, Allo is, for the most part, your traditional private messaging app whereas Duo is a video chat application. But that’s not the key difference that lies between the two. What makes them uniquely different from each other is the technology that they bring so that we can connect with each other. Both of these apps do tick the right boxes, but you cannot help the fact that both are still isolated from each other. Most often, this would lead to a proliferation of varying apps and standards. As a worst case scenario, however, the accommodations for these apps become too comfortable that you might never want to leave them.

Even when there’s negative feedback from some right off the bat, Google’s Allo and Duo still seem to play an integral part as a business. It is already a given that texting and sending video messages has now become so popular that it is no surprise major tech companies would want the entire sector for themselves.

However, there are some ways wherein messaging has become more important that there are those who feel we are moving backward instead of forward. Text messages these days now use cross-platform technology, which means you can send a message from one app and the receiver will be able to read it using another.

Still, these messaging apps do tend to get more complex as time goes by, and this notion can also be stated to be true with the new mobile applications from Google. At the very least, when you’re sending a text message and would want to send that to another Android phone, the reality is still there that we need text messages for faster communicating with friends, family, colleagues, enemies, or even frenemies.


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