Gboard Keyboard – Things You Should Know About Google’s Keyboard for the iOS

Even though there will always be a rivalry between Apple and Google, it comes to no surprise that one of those tech companies would try to “one up” each other by inserting apps into the other’s mobile ecosystem, which is that scenario for the Gboard Keyboard. But before you could start griping on the nitty-gritty that Google or Apple’s keyboard is better, it does come with a set of neat features such as glide typing and a built-in search function. Furthermore, it is clean and has a simplistic design that is a pleasure to type on.

Gboard Keyboard - Things You Should Know About Google's Keyboard for the iOS

The Gboard Keyboard is Probably the Best Third-Party Keyboard for the iPhone

But before you brush off the Gboard Keyboard as any other third-party keyboard, there are some things that you might not know about it right off the bat. For one, it’s not watching what you type. Many of you who read the previous statement might go, “Wait, what?” You may have already seen a lot of tweets from Google bashers who think that this keyboard is keeping tabs on everything that you type on it. But in reality, that’s not the case.

When you grant Google’s Gboard Keyboard with “full access” it will still summon that “scary” popup that will warn you it could collect the words that you type with it. But it should be noted that this warning is not exclusive to just this keyboard alone, and the search engine and tech giant makes it clear within the setup that it will only collect search results and nothing more. Furthermore, it doesn’t even give you the option to sign into your Google account.

Another neat (and quite unique) feature for this particular Google mobile keyboard is that the space bar is actually a trackpad. It makes use of the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch feature so when users press firmly on the spacebar, you will be able to make use of a nifty trackpad that will allow you to move the cursor between text.

And for those emoji-loving folk, Google did not leave you out when they were developing the Gboard Keyboard. With it, you can search your iOS library for that specific emoji for the right moment. This is insanely helpful especially for those who would swipe through numerous emojis just to get to the right one they need to use for that particular moment. There are also other neat features available for you to try out when you install this keyboard to your iOS device.


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