Sphero BB-8 Review – The Coolest Star Wars Toy Ever Made

The Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hype continues to blaze on with the Sphero BB-8 toy. You might remember this lovable droid if you’ve ever watched the movie to be rolling ever so happily (or scared) accompanied by Finn or Rey. Now, it has been made possible for this lovable rolling robot to be brought into your home, albeit now in a more compact size.

Sphero BB-8 Review - The Coolest Star Wars Toy Ever Made

Continue the Star Wars Hype With the Sphero BB-8

Simply speaking, the Sphero BB-8 toy is a tiny replica of that driod who can roll and balance all by itself. It is exactly like the one you saw in theaters and trailers so far, well, now in a more compact package. The creation of this toy goes without saying that it has been made with much imagination. All of Sphero’s hard work paid off as the toy not only leans towards those of the younger generation, but also for kids of all ages that are avid fans of the Star Wars universe.

Aside from its diminutive size, the BB-8 toy is a perfect replica from that of the movie. Paired with an app running on your mobile device, this miniature version of the droid can autonomously explore parts of your home, respond to voice commands, or even perform a series of pre-programmed stunts. While it is doing this, you can grab a set of on-screen controls to send BB-8 rolling around wherever you so desire.

At its price point, it is one of the most expensive Star Wars themed toys to ever hit stores. However, there is very little doubt that you would not want to miss out on this, especially once and if you’ve already watched The Force Awakens.

Instead of the heavy metal finish made for the actual droid itself, this one is made out of smooth plastic. It is about 3-inches in diameter which is wrapped with impressive detail to match that of the movie. Also, the plastic material also seems durable so you can expect BB-8 to bump around walls and furniture and it can still brush it off like nothing happened.

What makes it move is an internal self-righting mechanism that allows the Sphero ball to balance as well as propel itself in a way that works similar to one of those Zorbs (those giant inflatable spheres wherein an individual can climb into to be sent rolling down a hill or up on a watery surface).

Star Wars fans should not miss out on the Sphero BB-8. It is an absolute joy to play with no matter what age you are. If you’re a fan of the entire Star Wars universe, or the Force Awaken Film, or even just for BB-8, then you would be hard-pressed not to crack a smile once you start making it roll across your living room floor.

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