Veho Muvi K2NPNG Review – A Bargain Action Camera With a Lot of Accessories in the Package

To start with its flurry of accessories, the Veho Muvi K2NPNG is an action camera that comes with a hard carry case. This is used to transport the action camera along its accompanying accessories. Said case has a clasp which keeps everything inside secure and locked in. For its inside, it is generously padded and there is enough space to go around should you want to add more accessories into the bunch, such as other mounts.

Veho Muvi K2NPNG Review - A Bargain Action Camera With a Lot of Accessories in the Package

The Veho Muvi K2NPNG Comes With a Wealth of Accessories

Other highlights for the Veho Muvi K2NPNG is an LCD screen which attaches to the back of the action camera. It is to provide a live view feature and additional navigation controls. This screen is similar to that of the optional Touch BacPac for the GoPro cameras, but for the K2NPNG, this already comes bundled in.

Aside from the LCD screen, there is a decent array of mounts in the case. These include variants of sticky and Velcro mounts so that you can place the Veho Muvi K2NPNG action camera in either flat or curved surfaces. There is also a right0angle mount and a helmet front mount. Those made for the GoPro cameras can also work, which opens an even great array of options.

It should also be noted that the Muvi K2 can also be purchased but it does not have its array of accessories unlike the K2NPNG. Spend a little extra, and you get great value for your money.

You also get an 8GB microSD card as you are able to record 1-hour and 30-minutes of 1080p, 30fps videos on said card. However, you can purchase a microSD card with a larger memory to record longer videos.

When it comes to design, this action camera from Veho does not deviate much from the design of many from its class. It looks like a cross between that of a GoPro Hero4 and a Rollei’s ActionCam. There are some noticeable differences to its design apart from other cameras, such as the lack of the waterproof case and the built-in LCD screen. Also, the lens juts out a little further than the norm.

Ultimately, there is a lot to like about the Veho Muvi K2NPNG. It is a more than capable action camera for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a GoPro or other similarly priced high-end cameras. Also, the wealthy array of accessories makes it so much worth it to purchase.


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