Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. Review – When Mario Meets Paper Mario

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., you will hear the famous Italian plumber’s famous catchphrase, “It’s me, MAAAAARIO” twice. However, it’s not just because he will actually say it twice but because there are two Marios in this game: one is the normal Mario (if that’s what you call him), and the other is Paper Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. Review - When Mario Meets Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. Brings in Two Mario Dimensions Into One

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., there are not only two Marios but also two Bowsers. Hence, that’s double the trouble. Princess Peach is once again in danger (once. again.) so it’s up to the Mario brothers, and Paper Mario, to set out in another adventure to help rescue the damsel in distress yet again.

The game is still placed around the Mushroom Kingdom to which a whole lot of players have already known and loved throughout generations. Except, this is a funnier, weirder, and ultimately more interesting take on the game’s entire environment.

Over the years, Nintendo has flung Mario and his pals on different quests to tackle on different types of adventures which range from visiting Bowser’s innards, solving a toad obesity problem, cleaning up an island, or fighting off an alien invasion with the assistance of their baby selves. This time around, players will have Paper Mario to assist with Mario and Luigi.

There are loads of normal, and paper allies and enemies that are found across the world in which you will explore. Of course, it is up to the Italian plumber brothers and the Mario’s paper counterpart to set things back to normal.

This is not your ordinary Super Mario platformer that the title is vastly known for. This is a turn-based RPG. There is still the standard jump attack which now becomes an acrobatic double strike when a perfectly timed button press is initiated. There is also that oh-so-satisfying hammer “Thwack” noise when you strike your opponents at the right moment.

Even when it’s the enemies’ turn, you don’t just have to stand there and take the damage. You can dodge, or even counterattack for the occasion. This is, of course, not without some challenge as there are still some deft fingerwork involved.

Even though there are lots of new things about Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., the whole idea here is that this is still Super Mario Bros. Throughout the years, it has been a very successful gaming formula, but some may feel that it needs to have something newer into the mix. Even though the cross of dimensions between the normal Mario and Paper Mario is apparent in this game, some players may still think that it needs some kind of wild shake to the already familiar formula to keep things exciting.


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