“South Park: The Fractured but Whole” delayed until 2017

The masterminds of this video game adventure discuss their diabolical scheme.

The masterminds of this video game adventure discuss their diabolical scheme.

South Park has been part of modern pop culture since its first creation by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

It has become one of the most influential and memorable pieces of satire about all the crazy events that fuel the show’s creativity. The show recently just turned 20, and unlike other modern programs, it does not seem to be losing steam at all.

In March of 2014, Matt and Trey released the very successful South Park game, “South Park: The Stick of Truth.”

This game led to very favorable reviews about its story and gameplay, as well as its portrayal of the well known South Park characters. This led to demands for another game, and these were met.

The sequel, titled, “South Park: The Fractured, but Whole”, was originally slated for a release of December 6th of 2016.

The original date was changed however, due to the game being delayed by the creators. Many asked what brought this delay on.

A similar article can be found here, talking about the key points on why the creators decided to push the release date to the following year, instead of the original planned date. The topic is a buzzing one for fans of the series.

The Why and How

When asked about the release date being pushed back until 2017, Matt and Trey told fans they wanted to make sure the game was as optimized for players as possible.

They stated that they had learned quite a bit since the first release of “South Park: The Stick of Truth” and wanted the new game to meet high expectations from fans.

Another factor that is likely coming into play is the issue of DLC. It is rare to see a game today without some form of DLC that the player must pay for.

While this can be lucrative, both Matt and Trey have stated that they are fully against implementing DLC, and want the player to have the full experience from the first purchase.

Refusing to do DLC, which many games do as a lucrative inclusion to their releases, is yet another example of South Park setting itself apart.

Matt and Trey have done these things before, often with the expressed intent to not be like others who do certain things they feel is detrimental to customers.

This has always been the philosophy of South Park, to take a topic, no matter how serious, and take a stance on it that sets it apart from others around.

Civil War again?

The game is set after the previous title, “South Park: The Stick of Truth”, and the children have moved on since their previous adventures.

The new game being played by the characters features them dressing up as their various superhero personas, such as the coon and Mysterion.


Help Cartman lead a team of not-so-super heroes to save South Park.

Cartman is up to his usual antics, and as the Coon, he proposes a film franchise for the group to make money from.

The boys have a big disagreement over the franchise idea, and split into two groups, resulting in a fight between the two.

One group is led by the Coon, and is called Coon and Friends. The other team is led by Mysterion, and call themselves the Freedom Pals.

The entire premise is an obvious reference to the recent film, “Captain America: Civil War, with Coon and Friends taking the role of team Iron Man, and the Freedom Pals representing team Captain America.

Matt and Trey always show their brilliance in taking satire of events or themes, and twisting them for our amusement. This is what has led to the success South Park enjoys today.

What were we expecting?

The game will feature many of the same mechanics and features of the original, but with some small changes. The player can control the new kid, just as in the first one, although they can choose to be female now as well.

Ubisoft San Francisco is now developing the game, a change from Obsidian entertainment who developed the previous title. This change has not been commented on by the creators, but is likely done as part of an attempt to improve on the previous game.

The trailer for the game finds the boys planning their superhero franchise, with Cartman laying out the ideas for their respective movies in phases 1-3, similar to Marvel.

Unfortunately, the boys cannot decide who should get their own movies, and who must settle for a Netflix series. This dispute leads to the team splitting up over who’s franchise will be better, resulting in a Marvel-esque civil war.

With the player as the new kid, be it male or female, the game will likely be an interesting one, as the trailer and released images show new characters.

Wendy Testaburger is seen making an appearance as her own heroine. PC Principal is likely to also be featured, as he was featured in released images for the game. The inclusion of these characters is likely to bring a new dynamic to the game.

On a funny side note, the title of the game itself is a hidden joke on the part of the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The original title for the game was going to be “South Park: The Butthole of Time.”

This title was found to not be favorable by retailers, who said they would not put a game on their shelves that had the word “butthole” in the title.

As a result of this, Trey spent hours in his office finding a new way to work it into the title. He found a way with the “but Whole” part of the title.

“South Park: The Fractured but Whole” may be slated for a delayed release, but will undoubtedly meet and exceed fan expectations, as South Park is known to do.

Until then, we can all enjoy the new 20th season of South Park to tide us over. The game will be released during the first quarter of 2017, and will be set for Xbox one, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

The game promises to excite fans, and bring South Parks humor to newer players less familiar with its amazingly, and insanely, humorous satire.

Kyle Aken


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