SoundMagic E50 Review – Greater Accuracy, Less Bass

What are the SoundMagic E50? It is a pair of in-ear headphones that are placed in a price class wherein audio listening devices start to get some seriousness in them. This pair is essentially the updated version of the SoundMagic E10. For a little extra in terms of price, this successor has an improved sound balance, less bass thickness, and a greater accuracy.

SoundMagic E50 Review - Greater Accuracy, Less Bass

The SoundMagic E50 May Not be For Bass-Lovers

Design-wise, the SoundMagic E50 looks pretty standard, and that’s generally a good thing. After all, the company is not known to make strikingly good headphones, and the E50 seems to follow this trend. Nonetheless, this pair is a bit better than the standard audio listening devices from the firm.

The SoundMagic E50 In-Ear Headphones use aluminum shells which are pretty similar to what you can find with its predecessor, the E10. It promotes a fairly simple color scheme (silver and black), which means that it is trying to avoid any kind of fashion faux-pas. In other words, it is still not a pair that you would gladly gloat to your friends, but it is also not a device that you would shun away from the public eye.

It also comes with an odd cable as it is made with a weaved structure instead of the usual flat style. What does the new cable design have to offer? Well, it is not very tangle-prone, which is a good way to go. Since it is somewhat tangle-proof, you won’t get much microphonic noise whenever the cable brushes to another surface.

What the pair has that sets it apart from its rivals is it has a little switch which will alter the connection for the headphone to suit certain types of phones. Therefore, it adds more versatility in giving better audio clarity when using different phones instead of purchasing a different pair each time.

Since the design is not taken much into account for the E50, it must mean that the engineering has been focused in another area – the sound. With this pair, it’s the sound that really matters. Even though it is placed as one of the cheapest in the market, the sound balance and accuracy are taken very seriously. It definitely cuts off the low and mid-range bloat that some headphones are trying to achieve.

For those who want a low-cost pair of in-ear headphones (without worrying too much about the design), then you might want to check out the SoundMagic E50. It brings clarity and accurate audio performance, which bass-lovers might want to try and avoid. But for those who want such an audio profile, then you would be hard-pressed to get better sounding headphones such as this at the lower-end of the market.


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