AKG Y50 Review – A Fun, Low-Cost Alternative

If you want headphones that are placed in a lower price point because of a tight budget, then consider the AKG Y50. It offers a cheaper alternative to the Beats Solo 2, and has a bold yet fun look. It even offers a pretty good audio experience and above average sound isolation. All in all, it is a marvelous unit placed inside a lower price category.

AKG Y50 Review - A Fun, Low-Cost Alternative

The AKG Y50 is Your Ideal Budget Headphone

Made to be on-ear headphones, the AKG Y50 can easily get away with larger units in terms of style. Even though the company has made some interesting design choices in the past, most of them are on point. The Y50 is no exception to this notion as the firm takes a crack at a new design point and hits the nail right on the mark.

AKG did build some headphones that have tiny earpieces, but the Y50 does away with them. Said earpieces are larger, but they are very eye-catching. They have glossy aluminum caps which feature a very obvious AKG logo. The logo is so big, in fact, that there are some parts of it doesn’t even fit on the caps.

Other might find the really large elements to be over the top, but many would find it to be just right. Why? Because the audio performance is something to look forward to.

The AKG Y50 Headphone is similar to the Beats Solo 2, not with the design nor for the price, but for the audio experience. Tracks do not sound as accurate as there is a little bit of bass punching the frequencies, but it is not too overbearing as to push other parts of the spectrum into the void. Therefore, it can be a favorite for bass-lovers that are on a bit of a tight budget.

While on the topic of its bass, it feels punchy and fairly taut. It avoids the annoyance that you might normally hear with headphones that try to inject too much in the lower ends of the sound spectrum. In other words, the bass is not over-the-top that it will upset the tonal balance.

The AKG Y50 is a striking portable headphone for those who want a clear alternative to the Beats Solo 2 but placed at a lower price point. It delivers a fun sound and it has been made with a design choice that will surely turn heads in a positive manner.


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