Sony Renames Its Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR

Sony Renames Its Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR

Sony is getting ready to enter the virtual reality market as it changes the name of their device from Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR. It has been renamed as the headset is nearing its release date and as it is prepared to be made compatible to a number of games, which includes the massively popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

Virtual reality might become the next big thing in today’s gaming market as many big names in the industry are pulling all the stops to create the best VR experience for their customers. One could even say that the popular Oculus Rift has revived the realm of virtual reality that it even caught the attention of the social media giant Facebook. The company, famous for its social media platform across many devices, has acquired the Oculus Rift’s headset technology a few years ago.

Sony’s Project Morpheus Has a New Name – PlayStation VR

Even though there’s no release date reported for the PlayStation VR, Sony is set to be one of the first gaming giants that will connect their home consoles into the virtual reality world.

Sony had recently tweeted about the name change from Project Morpheus to the new PlayStation VR headset after it had announced it during the recent Tokyo Game Show 2015. The tech company also introduced new virtual reality games to which visitors of TGS 2015 were lucky enough to try. There was a game called RIGS which feature fighting mechs, and gangster type game set in a UK setting called London Heist. There is also a game where you face your deepest fears of sharks as you are placed in a watery diving game entitled The Deep.

Apart from the new games exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show, it has also been reported that the very famous Final Fantasy XIV will enter an immersive virtual reality form in the future.

The name Project Morpheus was originally named this way as it is the name for the Ancient Greek god of dreams. The reason for the name change is still unknown but to the minds located within Sony. However, it should be noted that it is not the first unique name for a piece of technology that was ditched in favor of a more mainstream title. Still, there are cool names that do stick around.

While the PlayStation VR does sound a bit bland, there are other names in modern technological devices that do stick to the minds of the masses. For instance, Microsoft’s Cortana was once a part of the Halo universe and is now found in many Windows 10 devices.


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