A Look Back at the Renault Twingo

A Look Back at the Renault Twingo

Even though it has been a year since the Renault Twingo has been released, it still continues to impress. We take a look back at the many things that this city car has to offer, despite its size. For a car of its size, it surprisingly is room enough. The engine is mounted on its rear unlike other conventional automobile designs. The car’s architecture capitalizes on the additional space located at the front. However, since the engine is located at the back, there have been some sacrifices made with regards to the boot capacity. There are also reports wherein many people were having trouble locating the opening mechanism.

The Renault Twingo Continues to Impress With Big Results Despite Its Small Design

The opening mechanism for the Renault Twingo‘s boot capacity is located in a small gap in between the tailgate glass and the bodywork. The button sits about 10cm under the boot handle, which may let some people feel a bit stupid as they rummage around trying to find it. When it does open, Twingo’s owners will find that it is fairly easy to fit a good number of stuff at the compartment even though it does look like the car can’t offer much in terms of storage. The Twingo excels as a city automobile. It is a fun and stylish way to drive around the block or take around the sights of a city as it can deliver good fuel economy. It can handle long journeys pretty well, as well as it has great handling on motorways and on country roads.

The car is also able to handle well in multiple road conditions despite it carrying a heavy load. Reports state that the automobile can still have a decent level of agility even when all seats are taken by an entire family. For a city car, it packs a decent punch. It has a 900cc turbo 3-cylinder petrol engine. It can go up to 135km of torque pretty well, but this result cannot be found so much at lower revs. Hence, this can cause some issues when driving the car upward hills. This is due to the downshift to maintain the car’s momentum to avoid the automobile sliding down the hill. Renault’s R-Link is, and will always be a great piece of entertainment that is added onto the vehicle. It is one of the more intuitive setups being used by such a car model. It has a TomTom based navigation system with real-time traffic alerts. Drivers may even find themselves relying onto this every time they go on a journey around town. The Renault Twinggo should not be underestimated despite having a “tiny” stature. Drivers will be surprised by how the car handles as it can take on many driving conditions pretty well.


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