Sony – Files for Patent for Contact Lens Camera

Sony is known to be a leader in many aspects of technology, including digital cameras. And just recently, they made a big leap in image and video recording as they took the steps to patent their own contact lens camera.

Sony - Files for Patent for Contact Lens Camera

Contact Lens Camera by Sony Lets You Take Pictures by Blinking

The most recent innovation from Sony is found to be an evolution of what Google and Samsung had previously patented. This time, it is a camera that does not only let users opt for capturing images and/or recording precious moments, it is a “Contact Lens and Storage Medium,” which means it is able to do a whole lot more in terms of features.

It was back in April wherein seven Japanese inventors from the Tokyo-based tech company decided to file a patent for the latest novelty and it aims to upgrade the current standards for the image and video industry.

According to Techaeris, known camera features will be implanted into the contact lens such as image stabilization, blur correction, autofocus, as well as zooming in and out. It is said that these are just of the functionalities that the Sony Contact Lens will have and there are even more.

For instance, there are additional features such as a fully-developed imaging device, its own storage bank, a wireless communication module (for easier file transfer and sharing for captured images and recorded videos), and an imaging sensor to boot.

It will be powered wirelessly with the use of a built-in antenna, and this teeny-tiny element is placed towards the border of the eye so as to avoid vague vision for the wearer of the tech. Images are the captured by way of the user’s pre-configured blinking. In other words, you can capture images or record video with a defined blinking to press the camera’s shutter. According to the patent, it has the ability to identify normal blinks and capture the images only through a user’s conscious blinking.

The files are stored within the eye as the eye closes. This contact lens technology is also built with a display unit that is integrated with the device. This is for the user’s image and information playback. To make use of switching display modes, it comes quite easy with the use of different eyelid movement, according to Forbes.

It was not Sony that was the first to thought off an idea of a eye-related gear to take pictures and video. Back in 2012, Google filed a patent for the first ever camera that is built into a contact lens that does pretty much the same as that of the innovation brought about by the Japanese tech manufacturer.


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