Call of Duty – Will Fans Warm up to a Sci-Fi Version That Might be Very Much Like Halo?

The developers of the Call of Duty games have always prided themselves with making the titles close to being realistic as possible. But what if these military first-person shooter games were to be set in a sci-fi universe? That is a quest that has been recently revealed by Infinity Ward studio which is called Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare.

Call of Duty - Will Fans Warm up to a Sci-Fi Version That Might be Very Much Like Halo?

Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare Takes the Fight to Space

Publisher Activision insists that the new Call of Duty game is not going to be purely science fiction and that it still projects elements of the future that is based on reality. Furthermore, Activision emphasizes that it will still have “boots on the ground” type of combat.

However, fans of the long-running videogame franchise may question that whether the game is trying to catch up with Microsoft’s Halo series, wherein players are able to leap across huge distances, fire powerful weapons that do not currently exist in the world of today, and even pilot vehicles that are heavily equipped for space travel. In other words, has CoD gone full Halo? While it might not be a such a ridiculous question, as after all, there are billions at stake. Activision’s game has already sold more than $15-billion worth of tiles tin just over a decade. Therefore, fans of the realistic shooter could not help but become skeptical towards the new direction.

With the announcement, there is also a new video fro Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare in which it shows how fighting in zero gravity will take place. Fights will be set in spaceships, while riding giant mechs, or on the ground(?). There are heavily armored and masked infantry that can be seen all over, and the soldiers do resemble a lot like Halo’s main protagonist, Master Chief, than those ground infantry troops.

Hence, it is clear that the creation of this game has some risks involved. This is why Infinity Ward and Activision are also offsetting that risk with the remake of Modern Warfare, which is now titled as Modern Warfare Remastered.

The remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be packed with the game along with a newer version of the Zombies co-op mode. Both Infinity Warfare and Modern Warfare are targeted for the fans that are found within the core of the franchise. These are the gamers that may or may not like the sci-fi direction of the upcoming title. But then again, Activision states that this newer take on the series still has elements of the classic CoD games that they know their fans will come to love.


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