Overwatch – Prepares Players With New Call to Arms Video

The open beta release for Overwatch is upon us and developer Blizzard Entertainment just recently released a primer video that will assist gamers, both the familiar and unfamiliar with the title, to be prepped and ready for the videogame’s release which will happen on the 24th of May. The video, which pretty short, can rifle anyone’s excitement as the clip is only two-and-a-half minutes long.

Overwatch - Prepares Players With New Call to Arms Video

Overwatch Open Beta Preps Players With New Video

It was Game Informer that was one of the first to spot the new Overwatch video and it features the gorilla who is known for his wits and intellect rather than his brutish strength, Winston. Winston gives the rundown on how things ended up the way they did, as he states that the character roster from the game was originally supposed to protect those against the Omni crisis.

Winston reveals a brief backstory in the new Overwatch video, and it is accompanied by flashy hand-drawn art which depicts that of the heroes (and villains) prior to the events that will take place in the game.

Halfway through the video and it will suddenly take a different direction. Instead of the comical and goofy side being brought by the witty Winston, the scientist will briefly get serious and will explain how the public no longer wishes or needs the Overwatch operatives. However, due to the increasing number of violent incidents that are taking place in the world, he then attempts to get the old gang back together.

Those who are eagerly anticipating for the game’s May 24 release will most certainly become more than hyped when they see the video. The videogame, which is a cross between a first-person shooter (FPS) and a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), is certainly looking to gather more attention with the latest clip. The visual appeal is something similar to that of most Pixar films, however, and at the same time, they’ve managed to construct this world that is colorful as well as violent. It has its own unique playstyle and has its own set of rules.

Even though Overwatch is primarily going to be released as a game, it has been said by many over and over again that it has the makings for a great mini-series, or even that of a major motion picture. CGI motion picture movies are not that rare in the cinematic universe, as Ratchet and Clank even made it to the big screen.


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