Sony crowdfunds for smartwatch…why?

Sony crowdfunds for smartwatch

Sony has always been known and respected for the quality of their products, but now it seems that they will gain more respect by crowdfunding a Smartwatch. The smartwatch known as “Wena Wrist” is one of the products and project that made it through First Flight, Sony’s crowdfunding  site in Japan. What makes this quite unique is that it the fact that Sony will be crowdfunding its own oncoming product.

Another unique take on this issue is that Sony is using two things that is gaining more popularity by the day: Crowdfunding and Smartwatches. Crowdfunding is getting a lot of attention all over the world since one posts a project that they would like to carry out, and ask people (random strangers, mostly) to help them attain this project by donating some fund to get things done. Lots of people have posted various kinds of projects on various sites for different reasons–from scientific researches to getting a gaming console–and the most amazing thing about it is that people actually give funds for the projects. So why did Sony crowdfund their upcoming Smartwatch? They can certainly fund their own projects. Perhaps inviting people to fund this project will get them to but the product once it is launched. Or they could be using it as a means to understand just how much people want to have their smartwatch.

Smartwatches have not yet totally entered the mainstream, even the Apple Watch that has gotten the buzz en’t worldwide still haven’t truly worn by most people. Yet, one cannot deny that smartwatches is slowly getting more acclaim all over. One of the things that one can expect on the IFA convention at Berlin this September is the various smartwatches that will be launched by different companies, so we can expect a huge sale of smartwatches. Sony crowdfunding a smartwatch will certainly get people more interested with this new gadget, and having to fund a project like this will keep them glued on the upcoming product. People funding a project like this would feel like they are actually investing on something that would get the whole world talking. In any case, we can only expect that the Wena Wrist will soon come into market.


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