Facebook to launch ThreatExchange – Spam elimination program

Published: 1 September 2015

Facebook to launch ThreatExchange - Spam elimination program

No one likes spams, and that is why Facebook came up with ThreatExchange  – a program to eliminate spam. They have come up with this prerogative to since the self-proclaimed “Spam King”, Sanford Wallace of Las Vegas confessed, and pleaded guilty for his crimes. In order to stop any more people who want to take Wallace’s crown, Facebook decided that the time is right to come up with a solution to prevent and eliminate spams in various sites.

Practically everyone of us has encountered a spam before, and I have yet to meet someone who actually enjoys them. It usually comes in different forms, one of the most popular form is receiving unwanted messages from unknown people. Stanley Wallace have admitted that he had been sending out unwanted messages to random people on Facebook on the course of three months. The good side of this is that at least, those were just junk mails. However, there can be a more sinister side to spamming aside from getting everyone else annoyed. It can actually make you more vulnerable to hackers.

Due to the rising prevalence of hacking in various websites, Facebook decided to create a project called “ThreatExchange “. Although this initiative was made by Facebook, it is actually a combined effort of different companies. According to Mark Hammell, manager of Facebook‘s Threat Infrastructure team, “”We want to be able to disrupt these things more frequently.” Aside from eliminating those annoying spams, what makes this program more interesting is that different companies will actually pool their resources, and idea to get rid of those who pose any security threats to all websites. Internet and company geniuses will actually team up to fight against online security invaders. Hackers and spammers will be having a more difficult time in spreading mayhem across the internet. Either way, both side will just have to up their computer skills.

Should Facebook’s program eliminate spams with ThreatExchange , the internet, especially Social Media sites will be a more peaceful and happier place. However, several laws and other programs have not stopped spammers and hackers from doing their thing before so, it is rather hard to say that such actions will be completely eliminated. But hey! at least someone’s doing something about it, right?


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