Hackers get a job at Uber

Hackers get a job at Uber

Once upon they were the bane of a company’s existence, now these hackers get a job at Uber. These men once controlled a jeep Cherokee while they were miles away. The initial revelation of this news set many people (especially those that own an internet-connected car) into panic. It certainly created quite stir and it is quite understandable because the last thing that anyone wants to think when they get behind the wheels is if they are in control of the whole journey. 

Vehicles that are connected to the internet are getting more popular these days because it is apparent that the internet is taking over people’s lives. Hey if the internet goes down, probably all of us will fall into deep despair. But there are actually several benefits in having a car that is connected to the internet. One of the things that make them so interesting, and convenient is that it lessens your chances to get lost in your travels. This is especially true if you are going somewhere you have never been to before. But like everything else, there downsides and risks in having one. A vehicle that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to hackers who can remotely control it even if they are several miles away from you. This exactly what happened last July, and it has certainly made it through many news articles all over the world.

After an investigation of the said event, the hackers were found, and were offered a job at Uber. The hackers whose names are Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have announced on their twitter accounts that they have joined, and are officially part of Uber’s team. These previous hackers will work in Uber’s Robotics research lab. As they have once compromised the security of a jeep Cherokee, there can be no doubt that they have amazing skills. Perhaps they will use these skills to make Uber’s internet-connected vehicles to be more secured. It is not strange that these men have actually landed an amazing job despite remotely controlling another’s system.  They have actually showcased their abilities by doing something that would catch the attention of many companies. As for these companies who hire hackers, no can blame them. When you see someone with talent, you might as well get them on your side.


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