Sonos Says You Are Ready for a Play:5 Speaker

Sonos’ new products, the Play 5: Speaker and their new software called Trueplay, faces a unique challenge as they push towards their goal of making it easy to listen to high-quality music anywhere inside a home. However, they face a problem – how can you convince a person who is content with  listening on headsets/headphones to purchase a larger, more expensive home audio setup?

John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos, tells that today’s generation sees the component stereo system as irrelevant. It’s not about the quality of the music, but the breadth of the music available outweighed the quality. This was the cause and effect of what Napster and iPad did to the “music listening revolution.” What they did is they provided music that was just “good enough” as they targeted more of the masses as compared to targeting those who are truly passionate about their music.

Sonos Says You Are Ready for a Play:5 Speaker

The Sonos Play:5 Speaker Appears as Excellent Products for Everyone to Enjoy High-Quality Music

As expected, the Sonos Play:5 Speaker sounds incredible, but the company’s trump card may have not been the device but the Trueplay software instead. To put things simply, the software is a tuning system found in the Sonos app. It allows users to optimize the sound that’s coming from the speakers.

How does the Trueplay software really work?

The Trueplay software works by emitting a tone that the user’s iPhone or iPad’s microphone is able to read. What happens is that when you move the Apple smartphone or tablet around, like slowly lowering or raising it, the Sonos Speaker will automatically adjust the output of the sounds accordingly. The software will figure out the frequencies being lost or those that are over-emphasized.

The best part about this software is it does not just work with the Play 5, but with all other speakers coming from Sonos.

More and more dedicated music lovers are coming into the scene as compared to before. They are no longer looking for music that’s “good enough,” but they are searching for a sound quality that will fulfill their desires for better sound.

The Sonos Play 5: Speaker aims to live up to that desire, and perhaps give more than what is expected. The company knows converting headphone/headset users won’t happen overnight, and they said it’s okay. It does not mean that the company is failing with their sales for their speakers. Rather, it means they are targeting those who are serious about improving the quality of their music listening experience.


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