Kerv Review : The Contactless Transaction Payment Ring

With Kerv, you only need to pay for items with a single gesture. It can be used anywhere in the world that allows for contactless payments. No PIN, card, or smartphone required.

With this ring, users don’t have to charge it, there is no pairing involved, it is completely scratchproof, and is water resistant. It is the first contactless payment ring.

Kerv Review : The Contactless Transaction Payment Ring

The Kerv Ring Makes Carrying a Wallet Around a Thing of the Past

The Kerv can do away with carrying wallets all the time. Wallets or purses can sometimes be impractical, and can be downright a nuisance. For joggers, runners, and cyclists, carrying money is indeed an absolute necessity but bringing their huge wallets along may not be a great idea. Hence, this innovative ring will do away with the problem of lugging a huge wallet, purse, or even a bag along as they can transact with just one gesture.

Users just need to look for the Kerv ring’s contactless payment symbol on establishments wherein they can do transactions with this device. Use it in over 38 million locations around the globe. Users needs only to “knock once” on the terminal to pay.

The ring has an auto top-up function so it will always have enough for you to pay. Users are also able to connect as many of these rings as they want that will be linked to one online account. There is even a timer function so you can switch your ring off or on. This will let you all avoid those drunken transactions.

With this ring, you don’t have to worry about getting your wallet or purse stolen, as you may not be carrying any. Furthermore, since it is placed firmly in your finger, it won’t be stolen easily.

Why would you need this ring?

Picture this – you are about to go on your daily run but you always take a second to think if you’re going to bring your wallet or not. Well, most of the time you have to give in; after all, you may need money for emergencies. If you’re not going to bring your wallet along, what about cash? Are you going to put them inside your shoe? Not an ideal and comfortable place to put it.

With the Kerv, simply knock once on a compatible payment terminal to purchase a sports drink while working out. Never be weighed down with your wallet or purse ever again.


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