SnapPower Charger Review – Add a USB Port to Almost Any Outlet

The SnapPower Charger is not your typical wall-socket charger or outlet cover. It covers your standard electrical outlet to provide one USB charging port. This means that you can immediately connect your smartphone, tablet, or other device that uses a USB port to charge into your wall outlet.

SnapPower Charger Review - Add a USB Port to Almost Any Outlet

The SnapPower Charger is Nothing New, But it is Still Very Useful

There are other USB charger outlets beside the SnapPower Charger out in the market, but this is also its main selling point. This is not your all-in-one smart cover, this is just, plain and simple, a cover that will attach to a wall socket to provide a useful USB port when you need it. You don’t even have to replace the entire outlet or tinker with anything else.

It draws electricity from the outlet’s existing side screws through a pair of protruding prongs. You don’t have to expect it do the anything else but to charge your USB compatible devices.

Even though the SnapPower Charging Dock does not require any rewiring, you are still dealing with an outlet. Therefore, the instruction manual that comes with the product states that failure to follow the instructions specifically might actually deal you with a lot of harm, or it might even actually kill you if you’re not too careful.

It has a slightly intimidating setup procedure. To start, you need to take a trip to your home’s circuit breaker and cut the electricity on the outlet as to where you plan on installing the SnapPower. Before unscrewing the existing cover of the outlet of your choice, you will also want to plug a device into said outlet just to make sure that there’s no more electricity coming out of it.

Once you have confirmed that there is no more power coming out of the outlet, the next few steps are going to be on easy street. With a little, you will be able to slide both power prongs around the screws of the while still being able to line up the outlet’s receptacles with the cutouts on the USB charger attachment.

Even though it is one of the most simplest devices you can find, it is not without its own set of downsides. For one, it is only a 1.0-amp charger. This means that it will still be able to charge your phones and tablets than most wall chargers.

While the SnapPower Charger has its own minor drawbacks, this device is as simple and as useful as it can get. The cover can wiggle around a bit when you are connecting or removing a USB cable due to its size and its use of a single screw.


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