Skyshine’s Bedlam Review – It’s a Turn-Based Mad Max Strategy Game

Skyshine’s Bedlam is a mix of Mad Max aesthetic, turn-based strategy combat, and roguelike trappings that are placed inside a blender and hit the puree button. Sounds like too much to handle? Don’t think too much of it as the game brings plenty to like, or rather, love about it. It just goes to show that looks can indeed be very deceiving.

Skyshine's Bedlam Review - It's a Turn-Based Mad Max Strategy Game

Skyshine’s Bedlam is a Clever Mix of Multiple Gaming Genres

In Skyshine’s Bedlam, you take control of a vehicle known only as “the Dozer.” The story (or whatever it is) changes from playthrough to playthrough. This is because of the procedurally-generated nature of the game. However, there is still that one goal which is to flee your home of Bysantine while you drive yourself, and your passengers, to the Aztec City. Bysantine is under the cruel tyranny of the warlord, King Viscera.

While going on with your quest, you will be stopped by wanderers, enemy factions, and other events that will prevent you in achieving you main goal. Combat will be in a turn-based fashion wherein you fight groups of thieves, mutants, marauders, and cyborgs. Like many other strategy-based games, each character will only have two actions per turn – move and action. Once everyone on your team has moved and taken an action, your turn is over which leaves you to watch as your enemy does their turn.

Gameplay does feel a bit too restrictive for Skyshine’s Bedlam (PC). Players may even feel that they only need to think about two things in order to win in battles. Tactics are simple enough, like using a shotgun to knockback enemies that are within range so that another character can have his or her chance to attack.

When you defeat all the hostile factions, it will allow you to unlock even more new factions and even their respective Dozers. Each faction will have their own unique sets of abilities and stats. There are characters that can teleport, and some can even go invisible for a turn. However, the big problem here is that it is not clear how you will be able to defeat a certain faction. It will be a matter of luck and patience. Unlocking a new Dozer even feels random.

In Skyshine’s Bedlam, there are a lot of good moments to mention. However, the story is completely devoid of interesting elements. The game has very simple goals and players have to enjoy taking on repetitive dialogue. Combat does feel good but there’s not much excitement to go around for everyone.


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