Anno 2205 Review – Bring Back Humanity

The premise behind Anno 2205 is that you are in a bleak future wherein global warming got the best of the Earth as it had melted the polar ice caps. What’s left in humanity is a fractured being that is desperate to pick up the pieces of what has been lost. Only a few islands remains and you are with one of two competing corporations in order to rebuild civilization.

Anno 2205 Review - Bring Back Humanity

Anno 2205 is a Futuristic City-Builder

With your help in Anno 2205, thankfully, humanity does not have to start from scratch. At the course of your campaign, you will be able to access bits and pieces of technology that have been scrapped during Earth’s better years. This is where you come in as you will be responsible in creating houses, factories, and roads to help humanity start anew. You will also play a big role in creating logistical systems that will require support and transport for all of the goods you produce.

For its gameplay, it is pretty much straightforward as with most videogames in the city-builder genre. There is a simple system of dragging and dropping elements onto the area map. The game makes construction as simple as possible, in fact, it may even be too simple. When constructing buildings, you will place modules into existing properties to upgrade them or boost resource production instead of creating entirely new buildings which will eat up whatever that is left of your valuable real-estate.

Unlike other city-builder game, Anno 2205 (PC) will not have to force you to permanently commit to whatever decision you make. Instead, you can always reposition elements that you have placed on the map even after they’re built.

While playing through, you will eventually be able to take on bigger construction tasks and even unlock new areas. These include arctic settlements, more islands, and even the moon. However, do know that the larger the project you aim for, the more resources you have to spend. Thankfully, the game presents secondary objectives to help you pass the time before you achieve your ultimate goals.

This game is unlike other city-builders since you will be visited by your rival organization in the form of terrorist attacks. They will take your supply lines and climate regulators, and when they do, your military will engage them to defeat enemies and recapture stolen goods. This is only a small part of the challenge since you may find that you may need to keep loaning funds to keep your corporation afloat after the terrorist attacks.

While the gameplay does look good, there are times when Anno 2205 will drop in frame-rate, even in exceptionally good gaming rigs. This does not make the game unplayable but it is nonetheless quite an annoyance. This makes optimizing in-game graphics a tricky ordeal.


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