The Crew: Wild Run Edition Review – Ubisoft’s Open World CarPG

The Crew: Wild Run Edition is Ubisoft’s expansion after the release of the ambitious open world game that revolves around driving. This “carPG” will provide players the opportunity to drive across what could be the entire continental United States with a full band of friends. However, the original game was a bit of a disappointment. Despite its open-world map, it led to hours of empty commuting through unimpressive environments. Now, the expansion aims to rectify the original game’s mistakes, but not without more ambition.

The Crew: Wild Run Edition Review - Ubisoft's Open World CarPG

The Crew: Wild Run Edition is Not Without Ambition

In The Crew: Wild Run Edition, there are now more vehicles to drive around with. There are now motorcycles, monster trucks, and even newly licensed vehicles. There are also other new content such as dynamic weather, visual upgrades, and a whole slew of in-game physics adjustments. There is also a new massive on-going online competition entitled “The Summit.”

Thankfully, most of the updates found in The Crew: Wild Run can be accessed by all players. These upgrades are not just for those who purchased the expansion. This means that if you already owned the original game, then you will most likely get the update automatically. Even though there is a good long list of new features and updates, this game still lags behind the competition.

For instance, take the dynamic weather; driving across multiple terrain and you might be greeted with moderate rain. This might be an improvement from the original game but the “raindrops” are underwhelming as they look like white dots that vaguely resemble falling water.

To give the game credit for the new feature, when the streets get wet due to rain, then there is a noticeable change for your car’s traction. This is all thanks to the improved physics and handling. Each vehicle reacts differently on the new weather. This makes the simple act of driving across the insanely large map a bit more enjoyable, albeit only slightly.

In spite of the many new content found in The Crew: Wild Run Edition, many of the game’s initial frustrations still exist and have not been rectified. It’s like putting tape over broken glass. Still, the story is laughably bad and new players will find it very impossible to avoid this. Even though the graphics and overall visuals have improved throughout the game, it still doesn’t match up to other, even better racing games that are on the market. Overall, the expansion to The Crew is a lackluster experience.


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