Shure SE425 Review – Robustly Great

What the Shure SE425 to separate itself from the competition is the inclusion, or rather the use of detachable cables. Each earpiece will be attached to the wiring with the use of a gold-plated MMCX connector. This is to bring two benefits: (1) if the cable needs replacing, and (2) the connectors will let the earpieces swivel around. The second benefit will then assure you of a good, comfortable fit.

Shure SE425 Review - Robustly Great

The Shure SE425 Brings a Bit of Peace of Mind to Users Should the Cable Would Get Lost

While the modularity of things brought about by the Shure SE425 is somehow great news, the truth is the replacement components are on the expensive side. To get the cable specifically for the headphone, it can set you back quite a bit as compared to other, normal cords out in the market. Also, should you lose an earpiece, then that would set you back even further. Even though the pieces are significantly cheaper than purchasing a new pair of earphones, but it is also not an inexpensive solution.

When comparing the SE425 with the SE420, the comfort levels of the two are different. The newer model has its earpieces tweaked to bring better comfort while in the ear. Hence, if you want to wear them while lying on your bed, then you can do so without any issue of discomfort. The device is also available with either silver or transparent casings. Should you go for the latter choice, then you will be graced with a clear view of its inner components.

If there is a downside to their secure fit, that would be that these are not the type of earphones that you would forget you’re wearing. This is not to say that this pair is uncomfortable (in fact, it is far from it), you won’t find yourself readjusting it from time to time as you would do with other, cheaper earphones.

Because of this good fit, you also get excellent external noise isolation. Because of this, they can be listened at lower volumes than others. Therefore, it is actually good for your ears. But when you do want to turn up the volume, then know that there will be no signs of distortion.

The Shure SE425 provides a more neutral and accurate sound, but it doesn’t mean that bass response is not good enough. The low end parts of the spectrum are given a good “kick” but they are not as overbearing as to mute out other parts of the sound spectrum. Overall, these are a great pair of earphones but can place a dent in your savings if you’re not careful enough.


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