9 Ways To Turn Shoppers Into Buyers With a White Paper

Published: 1 September 2022Updated: 5 September 2022

When it comes to getting customers to buy your products or services, nothing beats a well-crafted white paper. White papers are authoritative reports that offer compelling evidence in favor of a particular position or course of action. They’re the perfect tool for turning shoppers into buyers.

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If you’re looking to create a white paper that will get results, check out these nine tips:

1. Focus on a single key topic.

There’s nothing worse than reading a white paper that tries to do too much. A white paper that jumps from one idea to another is confusing and frustrating for the reader, and it won’t help you achieve your business outcomes.

2. Use statistics wherever possible.

The more numbers you include in your white paper, the more authoritative and believable it will be. You can’t go wrong with statistics, but make sure they’re relevant to the topic of your paper.

3. Add a “takeaway message.”

Every good white paper has an actionable takeaway message that the reader can apply to their business from the findings. If your white paper doesn’t include a takeaway message, it’s not going to deliver results.

4. Make sure the topic is timely and relevant.

It’s important that your white paper deals with a topic that relates directly to your market and its challenges today. There has to be a clear connection between your content and your reader’s business needs.

5. Make it easy to read.

White papers are meant to be informative, not confusing or frustrating for the reader. Your white paper should flow easily from one point to another, creating a cohesive argument that supports your central thesis. Use subheadings liberally to make your white paper easy to read.

6. Use diagrams and charts whenever possible.

It’s always better to illustrate complicated concepts with images rather than words–the more visual, the better, especially for not-gifted writers (or readers). If you can include some graphical or other types of visuals in your white paper, do it!

7. Offer something of value or interest to your reader.

Don’t simply regurgitate what you know about a topic in your white paper; tell the reader something new and useful they can apply directly to their business.

8. Don’t make it too long or wordy.

Keep the length of your white paper to four or five pages at most. Anything longer than that and you’ll lose the attention (and interest) of your reader.

9. Don’t forget to add a bibliography and endnotes.

A bibliography is a list of sources cited in your document; endnotes are footnotes that appear at the end of each chapter (or section). It’s good practice to include both of these, even though your reader won’t see them.

If you’re having a hard time making creative white papers use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers free white paper templates for everyone. Here are some best white paper examples from their website!

An image featuring healthcare policy white paper template
An image featuring brand positioning white paper template
An image featuring industrial strategy white paper template

Writing a white paper can seem like an overwhelming task, but just keep it simple and focus on your target audience. If you keep these nine tips in mind as you create your white paper, I’m sure you’ll come up with something that will turn readers into buyers. Check out more white paper designs by clicking here!

Brian Golding


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