SCUF 4PS Controller Review – Bring on the Options

PS4 controllers that are found in the pro-grade category don’t usually have a lot of options, but then there’s the SCUF 4PS Controller. It is a DualShock 4 controller that has some added features that may make you want to automatically for over cash for its price. There is a standard model, but you may want to fork out the extra for more customization options.

SCUF 4PS Controller Review - Bring on the Options

Is the SCUF 4PS Controller Worth the Money?

In terms of basic design, the SCUF 4PS Controller has a look that doesn’t differentiate much from the DualShock 4. The touchpad is still located at the center, but is made to be a little smoother and features less of the dotted pattern. However, don’t let the slight change in the touchpad’s design make you think that it’s nothing less than functional, because it still is.

It still also has the in-built controller speaker as well. All the usual buttons are still there but now have a professional edge over them as compared to the original PS4 controller.

Things start to change drastically when you start your journey with the SCUF 4PS. To start, the overall build quality also speaks a lot when you look at its price. This is not some cheaply made controller that you can just immediately pick up from the store. This is a well-made PlayStation 4 gaming peripheral but has nearly the exact same weight as that of the console’s original controller. It has a soft-touch finish found on the front face of the unit, which is quite the welcoming change.

There are rear paddles that are conveniently located within the middle-finger’s reach. It hangs down in a way that you won’t make a lot of effort to press it, which would otherwise make it a very uncomfortable and difficult experience. They’re even textured for an additional grip.

Standard for the base model is that the rear paddles are mapped to the X and Circle buttons. Why the X and Circle buttons? Because many games make full use of these two buttons, and for quite a bit. It’s a good opportunity for such games if you want to double up on using the X and Circle buttons without straining your finger or your hand too much on one button.

When it comes to remapping, it is a bit of a fiddly process for the SCUF 4PS Controller but still at a doable venture. However, it can be a laborious process if you require remapping for multiple games. Hence, even though it’s not at the same level as that of the Xbox One Elite controller in terms of quality and customizability, it is still worth the look for gamers that want to have a more competitive edge.


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