Unravel – A Touching, Heart-Warming Game

Even though Unravel may not be the most sought after the game of the year, but it still has the great potential of touching hearts with its heart-warming narrative. The videogame is developed by a small Swedish studio named Coldwood Interactive but published by gaming giant Electronic Arts. This game has the latent ability to stick into your mind for a good number of reasons.

Unravel - A Touching, Heart-Warming Game

Open Your Heart to Unravel

Aside from having a great story, Unravel is a stunning platformer of a game. It is full of physics-based puzzles that you will have to solve, all with using the length of wool. This is because you will take on the role of a little woolly creature who is aptly named as Yarny. He is a very small and fragile little… thing that has a particular weakness for water. Still, even as you start the adventure, you will see Yarny’s very capable of doing a lot of things and he is also full of character.

The trail of wool that Yarny leaves behind has a deeper meaning into it, and that is supposed to signify the bond between people; more specifically speaking, the bond between an elderly lady and her family. If that plot does not make your heart melt just by reading through those previous statements, then perhaps you might want to try out the game yourself.

It is therefore your job to guide Yarny to reconnect the elderly lady with her family. Each level is contained within a photograph found around her home. The main objective here is to connect the elderly lady with her family by means of completing her photograph album. You will then be able to fill the gaps of her memory which would ultimately bring her closer to her family.

To solve puzzles in Unravel (PS4, Xbox One, and PC), you will need to use a combination of tactics, and you may even have to retrace your steps at times to give Yarny some extra wool. Think of the character as ball of wool – to put it simply, he does not have an unlimited supply of it, but you can give him more.

Even though Unravel won’t blow the minds of many with its approach as a puzzle platformer, it is still a stunning game nonetheless and it is worth checking out. It tells a heart-warming tale that can really touch hearts with the use of a loveable, tiny, woolly creature.


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