Finlux 32HME249S-T Review – Its Price is Its Main Attraction

When you’re looking for a new TV, the moment you see the Finlux 32HME249S-T it may amaze you enough to actually buy it. But we’re not talking about its picture quality, but by its price. This is a 32-inch TV that has a rather cheap price tag. It does carry some smart features within, and it also has some decent amount of connectivity going on at its back. The USB ports even support both multimedia playback and recording from the Freeview HD tuner (built-in). What’s the catch here? It suffers in some areas of picture quality, and brightness levels are inconsistent.

Finlux 32HME249S-T Review - Its Price is Its Main Attraction

The Finlux 32HME249S-T Presents Itself as a Decent TV for its Price, But Has Some Tradeoffs

Because it is placed in a rather cheap price point, there is no surprise here that the Finlux 32HME249S-T has a plasticky finish. However, this may not be too obvious at the drop of a hat, unless you’re looking too closely into it. It has a decently slim frame and does promote a visually appealing minimalistic feel. It comes with a silver foot pedestal that does not look out of place. As an added bonus, the TV can rotate on the stand’s neck. This makes it more convenient to place it on a more casual environment, such as a conservatory or even your kitchen.

Connectivity is even better than what you would expect from a TV found at this price. There are three v1.4 HDMI ports that support playback from high-definition sources. There is also a D-Sub PC port, and the device comes with built-in Wi-Fi to connect it to the home network and the Internet. Connecting it to the network, or even the Internet, will present you with support for both streaming and multimedia files that come from DLNA-capable devices. Those who wish to access the Internet and all its glory can do so with its built-in browser.

But when talking about its picture quality, the achievements dive down a bit. The 32HME249S-T, while not a complete disaster in terms of color, is not also, in any way, special. The screen lacks a native contrast. It is not capable of reproducing anything that is relatively close to a true black color. Dark scenes, in turn, become a more distracting gray.

Aside from the blacks, the Finlux 32HME249S-T is also prone to backlight clouding, especially at its corners. At times, you will see a faint stripe of extra grayness found on the side. Therefore, getting this TV is a matter of choosing how cheap you want to go to get a good-sized TV. Will you sacrifice quality for your budget?


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