Satoshi Nakamoto – The Search for the Elusive Bitcoin Creator May Not be Over

For many who are closely following the tech world, Satoshi Nakamoto is the identity of the elusive creator for the long-running parlor game. Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright announced on Monday that he is the one that founded the digital currency bitcoin. There are some who were convinced that he’s the real deal and has managed that feat by performing a technical demonstration which involved the creator’s secret bitcoin keys. However, there are those who were underwhelmed by Wright’s performance and still left the question as to who really is the creator of the digital currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto - The Search for the Elusive Bitcoin Creator May Not be Over

Craig Steven Wright Says he is the Real Deal for Creating Bitcoin. Announcement Breeds a Ton of Skepticism

Tracking Satoshi Nakamoto, who may even be a pseudonymous cryptographic genius, is already a great challenge even under the best circumstances. “There’s no way you can conclusively prove that you are the creator of bitcoin,” says the executive director of Coin Center (a Washington D.C.-based crypto-currency think-tank) Jerry Brito, who is one of the many who are skeptical in Wright’s claims.

Even though many are making much effort in looking for a person who invented a way for people to send money around the world anonymously, without the need for national currencies or banks, which is also that same person who apparently disappeared five years ago for reasons unknown.

Nevertheless, none of the skepticism had stopped people from trying to maximize their efforts to try and uncover every bit of mystery surrounding bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Researchers, journalists, and even amateur detectives are already making a joint effort to scour the globe and getting sources from Nakamoto’s emails, online posts, and other vital information sources that would prove useful for their endeavors. They have even taken their searches to the original bitcoin code, cultural references, and other possible clues that will lead to who could be the original creator of the digital currency.

A Newsweek cover story that featured an unassuming Japanese-American engineer that goes by the name of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto found himself in the line of sight for possible clues. This Nakamoto is a retired resident of a suburban Los Angeles County, and he found himself confronted briefly on his doorstep after citing some circumstantial clues, along with a vague comment, that the elusive creator of bitcoin had made. This article, to no surprise, sparked a lot of media frenzy along with a car chase with reporters that ended up at the Los Angeles offices of The Associated Press, to which Dorian Nakamoto denied any involvement with the making of the digital currency.



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