Star Fox Zero Review – Loving the Game Comes After Getting Used to the Control System

There are many who thought that Fox McCloud and his band of anthropomorphic individuals would never see the light of day anymore since it has been over a decade since the last Star Fox game; but Nintendo had other plans at they have opted to release a new sequel that goes by the title of Star Fox Zero. Many fans of the franchise immediately state that this game was way overdue. Bluntly speaking, the game is more mediocre than current videogame standards, primarily due to its controls. But after you do get used to its control system, you will fall in love with the game, provided that you are a fan of the series.

Star Fox Zero Review - Loving the Game Comes After Getting Used to the Control System

Star Fox Zero is a Game That is Way Overdue

If you have played Star Fox 64, then Star Fox Zero will immediately let you feel right at home and might even give you some nostalgic feel. In Zero, it mimics that of Star Fox 64 in a lot of ways that many veteran gamers will immediately notice. There are even some levels that are nearly identical. Many deem that the Nintendo 64 title was the best game in the franchise, which is probably the reason why a lot of content was carried over (albeit with better graphics) towards the new game.

Playing on single-player mode in Star Fox Zero (Wii U) will bring a very entertaining experience. It has some familiar features such as branching pathways which do lead to different levels. There are also banter between the four main characters as you travel along while blasting enemies into oblivion. Also, you would not remove the existence of large boss encounters as they are still there in Zero. Furthermore, there is a scoring system wherein you can replay levels as many times as you want in order to try and beat your (or your friend’s) best score.

What immediately sets Zero apart from the previous Star Fox games is it has more vehicle types. This adds variety to the title and makes overall gameplay a bit more interesting to deal with. There are some scenarios within the game that would require you to use a certain type of vehicle in order to progress. It may not always be a fun experience, but it does require each type of vehicle to serve a specific purpose.

Star Fox Zero is a tough game to ignore, especially if you’re a deep Star Fox fan. However, the control system of the game will more-than-likely make you spend more time in getting used to it. But once you do, you will be able to cruise along throughout the game; well, while you’re blasting away throughout the regions of space, that is.


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