iPad iOS – Things to Know After a Month Since the Release of the 9.3.1 Update

The 9.3.1 update for the iPad iOS is currently (at the time of writing) the most current version of iOS 9 for the tech giant’s mobile tablet. However, it would seem that the update’s reign won’t last much longer as developers at the Cupertino, California-based tech firm are known to be hard at work for the next patch. With that in mind, we dive in to take a closer look at some of the important things about the current update at its one month milestone.

iPad iOS - Things to Know After a Month Since the Release of the 9.3.1 Update

iPad iOS 9.3.1 Update Brings a Ton of Changes to the Device

With the coming of the iPad iOS 9.3 update, it did bring a ton of changes to the mobile device, but it did bring about some issues which included a web link crashing bug. This issue then forced Apple to roll out another update for the iPad and the iPhone, which is dubbed iOS update 9.3.1.

The iPad iOS update 9.3.1 is a key patch to the iPad, iPad Air, and the iPad mini. One of the more impressive features with the coming of update 9.3 is called Night Shift. The iOS’ night mode then changes the color temperature of your device’s screen. Colors will become warmer after sunset and they will adjust back to a cooler, and even more natural colors in the morning. What does this mean? It has been said that the bright blue light that is coming off of your device’s screen at night can interrupt circadian rhythms, which in turn will it make it more difficult for you to sleep. When the night shift mode is enabled, it is theoretically stated that it will provide better sleep patterns.

Another reason to update to the current latest software for your iPad is that it does fix lingering issues. One of the change log features some bug fixes to annoying iOS 9 problems, which includes a fix for the annoying and also potentially devastating “1970 Date Bug” which had emerged earlier this year.

There are also other improvements that have been brought about by the iPad iOS 9.3.1 Update, which includes the following: Maps now add support for getting a highlighted view of destinations, as well as it stops specific transit line with a simple tap. Maps also now displays whether there are multiple transit line options for each suggested route. The Wallet app now adds the ability to allow users to view the app related to a pass or a card in the same app by tapping an icon the card or pass.


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