Samsung U32E850R Review – For Business and Games

With the Samsung U32E850R, the South Korean tech giant is aiming this particular monitor towards gamers and business users alike. It has key gaming features, such as AMD FreeSync technology and darkness-enhancing modes, and it has an attractive casing which houses an LCD panel meant for quality over fast response times. Therefore, it is a beautiful combination of both features that are meant for office-based work and for playing videogames.

Samsung U32E850R Review - For Business and Games

The Samsung U32E850R is a Great Business/Gaming Monitor

While it is great for two purposes, the Samsung U32E850R is definitely not cheap and it is even one of the most expensive monitors that you can get. Furthermore, it is just falls short but a teeny bit for the top-end Samsung UD970, but it does come with key features that the higher-end model does not.

It promotes a neat overall design, to which those who are looking for a more minimalistic approach would get a kick out of its looks. It makes use of a two-tone color scheme of some metallic painted sections on a casing that is highly dominated by a matte black plastic.

Through a design standpoint, it doesn’t actually scream premium, but the choice of materials and colors are well executed. Its design cleverly hides all the unsightly elements, such as the ventilation grilles and connectivity options. This gives a tidier look to the otherwise busy-looking rear that most monitors have. There is also a flash of metal around its edges as well as its front to add to the finishing touches.

Since this is a 32-inch display, it is by no mean diminutive. However, for its size, it is impressively slim and lightweight. Nonetheless, you would still need to have a large desk and a lot of space to fit this monitor in.

Even though it is quite large, the entire screen can be rotated into a portrait orientation. This is all thanks to its stand which offers 130-millimeters in height adjustment. Furthermore, the U32E850R can be swiveled 60-degrees to the left or to the right.

Because of its large panel, the first issue you have to tackle is its size and resolution. Samsung suggests that it can be run using its native resolution without the need for Windows’ scaling function, but many would rather not use Microsoft’s scaling feature as most of the time it will just adjust the size and not the quality.

Putting that notion aside, there is no doubt that entertainment, gaming, and productivity all work well for the monitor. It should also be noted that brightness for the monitor is exceedingly great, but a tad too great. Right out of the box, you may want to turn down the brightness by a wee bit.

Overall, the image quality for the Samsung U32E850R is beyond excellent. It has a fully adjustable stand that gives the monitor a slew of flexibility and versatility options. However, it is found with a very high price tag which may immediately scare off some folk.


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