NEC EA244UHD Review – Packing 4K in a Modest Size

The NEC EA244UHD is placed in the top-end portion of the monitor market, and it has features and hardware specs that are leaning towards professionals. It packs a whopping 4K native resolution, of which is not surprising, until you take notice that the monitor is only 24-inches (measured diagonally) ins size. Because of this aspect, it is ideal for professionals delving into graphics who want to get a maximum screen real estate but do not want the hassle of looking through a really large monitor.

NEC EA244UHD Review - Packing 4K in a Modest Size

The NEC EA244UHD Provides Maximum Screen Real Estate in a Compact Package

Aside from the 4K resolution, the NEC EA244UHD also comes packed to the teeth with all the extras and features that you would want from a premium-priced monitor. It even includes a wealth of connectivity options such as a USB hub, built-in speakers, a motion sensor (for automatically turning on or powering down the display), and full ergonomic adjustment.

Build quality for the EA244UHD is excellent as the entire thing is finished in a simple matte-black plastic that is undoubtedly rigid. It does look plain, but it is a perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

It has a stand that makes for a wide array of motion for the monitor. All the needed mechanisms are there, especially for twisting and adjusting. Doing these are wonderfully smooth and promotes balance every which way. There is also a welcoming addition that the stand can make the monitor rotate through almost 360-degrees.

While the monitor has looks that do not stray away from the standard screen, what’s impressive here is its display performance and hardware spec-sheet. It is a 24-inch monitor that packs 3,840 x 2,160 pixels in resolution with a pin-sharp pixel density of 185ppi. It has a 6ms response rate which is clearly not for gamers, but it is capable of recreating and displaying 1.07billion colors. Therefore, this monitor is definitely not geared for gaming, but for professionals who are in the graphics industry.

It should be noted, however, that using a high resolution on a small monitor will make everything on the desktop unspeakably tiny. Hence, you may have to employ some kind of zooming function to get the images back to favorable sizes.

If you have the money to burn and are looking to upgrade your standard monitor to a professional image editing unit, then it’s best to give the NEC EA244UHD a go. It features eye-catching 4K resolution in a compact package, and it has plenty of features to go around for your image editing needs.


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