Samsung Galaxy J3 Review -Not Trying Hard to do Away With Looking and Feeling Cheap

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the low-cost handsets that you probably won’t have any trouble purchasing or shying away when you take a look at its price tag. This is the sort of smartphone that you might want to buy outright just to avoid signing up for a contract from mobile carriers. While it does include some high-end features, most of its overall offerings does not elude the fact that it is a low-end phone.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Review -Not Trying Hard to do Away With Looking and Feeling Cheap

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Neglects Some of the Basics

The features and specs on the Samsung Galaxy J3 are what you would expect when you are out to get the Galaxy S7, expect that the overall quality and the price are about a third from that high-end option. While there are more expensive devices that will give you glass or metal, in this low-cost offering by the South Korean tech manufacturer, it’s all plastic.

Right out of the box, the Galaxy J3 is nowhere near flashy, and there is a thin plastic battery cover which kind of makes you want to take a trip back to memory lane. To recall, the company did use these before in just about all of their phones, even their higher-end offerings. None of it matters now especially when we’re talking about a low-cost phone. However, do note that a cheap phone does not equate to a disaster.

While not entirely exciting, there are still several strong points in terms of design. It has a slim and lightweight architecture, and its size is similar to that of the Galaxy S7. In terms of size and shape alone, it does tick the right boxes.

But since this is a low-end offering, you would be sure that there are some corners that have been cut. One of the more annoying ones, and perhaps even the most cumbersome of them all, is the omission of an ambient light sensor. Almost every phone has this nowadays and it would sit just above the display to provide the phone with specific information about the levels of ambient light. Therefore, it will be able to adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly without having to manually set it again and again.

There are also other things to say about the Samsung Galaxy J3 which includes an overall mediocre performance and an unremarkable camera experience. There are too few redeeming qualities here, and there are other low-end offerings out on the market that can give more at a similar price point.


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