8Bitdo Zero Review – The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Gaming Controller

The 8Bitdo Zero is mainly advertised as the world’s smallest Bluetooth gaming controller. It is compatible for use on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Basically, it can be used with just about anything that supports third-party Bluetooth devices. It offers an 8-way digital pad, two shoulder buttons, four face buttons, and it is powered by an 180mAh rechargeable battery.

8Bitdo Zero Review - The World's Smallest Bluetooth Gaming Controller

The 8Bitdo Zero May be Too Small for Use for People With Large Hands

The 8Bitdo Zero certainly lives up to how it is advertised as it is easily the tiniest controller that you can use to-date. It measures in at 73-millimeters wide, 35-millimeters in height, and it is only 13.7-millimeters at its thickest point. Because of its size, it has no problem slipping inside your trouser pocket. There might even be times that you would forget it’s even there. It does come with a lanyard within its standard packaging which allows users to tie it around keys.

It is made mostly, if not entirely out of plastic but the build quality is pretty decent. The directional-pad is responsive enough and is also quite comfortable to use, even though you can’t escape its diminutive nature. As for the buttons, they are of high quality and give a nice clicking sound when they are pressed. Overall, the buttons have no annoying sponginess to be felt in them which is an overall nice touch.

Because of its tiny architecture, there are those who would think that the 8Bitdo Zero Controller is too awkward to use over extended periods of time. Well, this notion can be relative as people with smaller hands may find nothing wrong when using this particular controller whereas those with larger hands may have a challenge. If you’re the type of gamer who is already accustomed to the likes of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, then the experience might have some getting used to. But if you’ve experience playing games with the SNES controller, then the Zero feels similar to that, only smaller.

It has a 180mAh battery which charges pretty quickly as it can go from 0 to full in around an hour. It is advertised that you can get around 20-hours of gameplay with it before it conks out. There is also a micro USB connection for charging that is included in the box.

Overall, the 8Bitdo Zero is well-made and portable, as well as it is quite comfortable to use especially when you have small hands. It is a highly recommended peripheral for serious mobile gamers.


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