Robo Wunderkind Review – The LEGO of the Future

The Robo Wunderkind is a fun way to learn robotics and coding, and the best part is it is fit for kids of all ages. It is a modular toy with tons of colors. It is also LEGO compatible.

According to popular tech review site, it is the LEGO of the future. It is basically a robotics kit that allows you to (you guessed it) build your own robot. It is a fun way to pick up, play, and even learn basic coding skills along the way. It’s a simple as that, and you get to learn something while you’re toying around with it.

Robo Wunderkind Review - The LEGO of the Future

Robo Wunderkind Lets Kids of All Ages Have Fun While Learning Basic Coding

The Robo Wunderkind is designed for children of all ages, but it is made for kids 5 and up. The “toy” is essentially a set of building blocks, but they are far from just your ordinary toys where you stack one on top of the other. It lets you, and your kids, build all kinds of fully-functional robots. If you have LEGO at home, or an avid collector of this toy line, then designs for customizing the robot will increase even further. Unleash your child’s potentials with a toy that makes them think, and imagine, what they’re going to build and actually have them put those thoughts into action.

Playing and building with the Robo Wunderkind toy blocks are as simple as connecting two pieces of LEGO toys together. There are no wires or magnets involved. If you or your child thinks that the parts will fit each other, then they most probably will. Create modular robots with designs that are only limited to you and your child’s imagination.

Like the blocks, the app is equally easy to use. It has a visually appealing user interface so your child can join in the creative phone with little to no problem at all. Children with no previous exposure to coding will be able to easily know how the app and the toy works.

For example, using the app to build toy robots that can drive around while avoiding obstacles, or make one that will react to claps and other noises, or build one that will play a recorded sound whenever it detects someone entering the room.

The possibilities for the functions of the Robo Wunderkind are practically endless. You can mix and match certain commands to build the most unique toy robot for everyone in the family to play with.


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