SNOOZ Review – Turn Your Room into a Haven for Sleep

There’s a lot to say about SNOOZ; but if you want the insanely short version, it’s a device to help you sleep. To get to know what makes it so special, then read on.

First of all, sleep is how we recharge our body’s own batteries. When we rest, it recharges our brain and bodily functions so we can tackle on anything for the next day. Lack of sleep can put the body at risk of a lot of health issues. Sleeping is so important for our lives that even the fitness and wellness experts stand by it. You can’t get healthy if you don’t have enough sleep. Combine that with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, and you are on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

SNOOZ Review - Turn Your Room into a Haven for Sleep

SNOOZ. Sleep Better.

So what is SNOOZ? It is a device that emits a peaceful white noise made from a real fan. It has a fully adjustable tone and volume. It also has a nursery calibration and a very portable design. It can also be controlled remotely through a dedicated app.

The SNOOZ device creates white noise to help you fall asleep and let you stay asleep. It fills the room with the noise to help you produce peaceful sleeping patterns. Watch as the whole world fades away as you enter the dream world with the help of this very portable gadget.

Yes, it is a sound machine, but it’s more than just that. It uses a real fan so you do not have to worry if it’s just another device trying to emulate white noise, because all of it is real. It is designed with airflow simulations that run on supercomputers. The device has a proprietary fan located in its small structure. This helps the miniature gadget to generate live, and natural, white noise that will be adjustable through the use of the app. One of the best parts is that it won’t disturb the room’s air flow.

In other words, there are no looping tracks, and no low-quality speakers. It is just the greatly relaxing sound of moving air across the room.

According to a 2008 consumer report, 2,021 respondents found that sound machines generating white noise were more helpful than over-the-counter medications.

With the SNOOZ machine, create a more relaxing atmosphere in your room as you sleep at night. The device can be found on a Kickstarter campaign page and is now accepting financial backers.



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