RHA T10i Review – Excellent Build Quality, Superb Bass, Tunable Filters

If you like bass, and are in the market for earphones that provide a superior low-end touch, then you might want to try out the RHA T10i. This pair of audio listening devices that you stick inside your ear will let you get a feel for the very depths in music.

RHA T10i Review - Excellent Build Quality, Superb Bass, Tunable Filters

The RHA T10i is Al About That Bass

When you feed the RHA T10i with earthy music with lots of bass such as reggae, drum and bass, electronica, or dubstep, then you get the device’s handmade dynamic driver to play the right audio profiles that are blissfully compatible to your hearing pleasures. The basslines will reach right down the deep end, in a very good way. It pumps out clean, powerful bass right down to 15Hz.

At first, it may be overwhelming but it is cleaner than other deep bass standards that other headphones in the same price class as the T10i. The impressive thing about it is how much detail is retained and the excitement it brings with the rest of the frequency spectrum. Just under a few minutes of company with these in your ears and you will have no doubt that it gives supreme audio that will fit your sub-bass tastes.

Compared to the company’s own MA750i, the RHA T10i earphones are definitely a step up with regards to clarity. Bass is more prominent, lower, but voices and instruments are able to spread wider to the point that they seem to reach out to either side of your head. If you’re wondering about the performance of the MA750i, then it’s just a thin muffling veil to what could be called its performance. Its audio signatures provide a lacking feeling for its presence and airiness.

While it does deliver great sub-bass content, it is still far from perfect. At first, the bass is very thrilling, exciting even, as it urges your music collection to go down to the most subterranean basslines possible. However, not everyone is a fan of deep bass. Others would rather opt for headphones that would give pure sound rather than pumping out the low-end audio signatures.

It would also seem that RHA knows about this, hence they allow you to tailor the sound with the use of three replaceable filters. These are very easy to use as it is quick to install and swap around.

Even though that the RHA T10i is clearly made for bass lovers everywhere, thanks to the fact that there are tunable filters, it may even pose a chance to be picked up by some audio purists.


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