KEF M100 Review – Like Bass? This is Not For You

The KEF M100 may even by looked upon to be synonymous to hi-fi, and it is not something that you would expect from earbuds. It is made for people who like listening on the go but these are not your ordinary pair of audio listening devices that you stick into your ear. It produces great clarity, to which may not appeal for low-end enthusiasts.

KEF M100 Review - Like Bass? This is Not For You

The KEF M100 Produces Audio Output Purists Will Love

While it does call for great audio clarity, the design of the KEF M100 betrays its high-class heritage. It is available for purchase in four different colors. It has a very utilitarian design but it is still quite pleasing to the eyes.

Its look features what the company calls the “race-track” aluminum casing with chamfered edges. It even outshines its entry-level roots, and it also seems as if the Kent-based earphone manufacturer has thought of just about everything. There is a cabling that feels very sturdy, and strain-relief collars (where the cable will enter each earphone) has been made with a material to reduce the production of wear and tear.

Still, while it does have nice-looking chamfered edges, they do play the part of getting scuffs and dings pretty easily. In time, it will look decidedly weathered after just a few weeks of daily use.

Once you have it, you will find yourself reaching for the KEF M100 earphones a lot. For one, it is light enough to be worn in the ears and it won’t place itself as too much of a hassle with regards to storage. Their relative heft also makes it ideal for running, workout sessions at the gym, and other physical activities.

So, how do they sound? As stated earlier, they do express a great level of clarity which can easily beat out its rivals. After all, it is made by the company known for their hi-fi products. This is all despite having quite the miniscule 10-millimeter neodymium drivers, the M100s is still able to deliver the type of poise and clarity which may be your cup of tea when searching for a pair of earphones.

The KEF M100 is able to thrash out cymbals, snares, and vocals to equal measure in the spectrum. Make no mistake, the audio performance these earphones bring are crisp and accurate, which may not be appealing for bass-heads. It is a culmination of snug-fitting ear pieces, quality noise isolation feature, and pure sound unlike many of its competitors.


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